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Weekly Tai Chi Class

Weekly Tai Chi Class

Learn the Healthful, Transformative, Powerful Art of Tai Chi.

When- Monday mornings at 9:30am, beginning July 16, 2018.
Where- Outdoors on the west edge of Balboa Park, at 6th Ave. and Hawthorne. (Summer location)

The first class will include more in-depth demonstration and introduction, however, participants are invited to join at anytime. To study Tai Chi requires first learning a choreographed sequence of movements. The sequence requires several sessions to learn, and regular attendance is encouraged. Classes will include warm-up and Chi Gung.

Cost- General public $40 per month, or $12 single class.

All Veterans, Family, and Veteran Advocates are free of charge. Please spread the word among your team and Veterans.

Please reach out through the contact link to RSVP, and with any questions.


What you may not know about Tai Chi—

While it is popularly known for promoting calm and balance, Tai Chi has much more to offer. From its origin, Tai Chi is a very powerful martial art. Whether you are interested in martial arts or not, Tai Chi is incredibly valuable as a system for cultivating effortless and effective body-being, and greater awareness. Tai Chi offers a path for true mastery of body, mind and spirit. The study of openness, relaxation, alignment with the draw of gravity, and originating movement from the body’s center of gravity produces:

-An experience of increasing sensory/feeling awareness,

-Transformation in capacity/function (quickness, strength, power, groundedness, 3-dimensional awareness)

-Access to profound experience of wholeness, integrity, and connectedness with Nature and Being.

-Calm, broadening perspective, and relief from pain.


Most Tai Chi instructors focus exclusively on the aspects of calming and relaxation, and miss so much potential. Tai Chi is in essence a purposeful training of the mind-body connection. To unlearn how contemporary life has us so much in our heads, and separated from so much sense capacity, physical function and connectedness.

If you take the moment and view the attached video demonstrations, keep this thought in mind:

There is tremendous unclaimed power and grace available to us in the mind/body connection; the same power that affords an ape exponentially greater strength per unit of muscle, allows a tiger to leap multiple times its body length from standstill, an ant to carry 100 times its body weight, and how so many animals, fish, and insects respond en masse to stimuli and act with purpose in shared/group consciousness.

Tai Chi Demo

Cheng Hsin Tai Chi Demo

What is Tai Chi?

Slow motion Tai Chi push, ‘Effortless Power’ Peter Ralston


I have studied and taught Tai Chi since 1992, and graduated from a 5 year apprenticeship to Master Peter Ralston. In 1979 Peter Ralston was the first non-Asian ever to win the historic World Tournament in Full Contact martial arts in Taiwan, to a panel of all Chinese and Taiwanese judges. He dominated the tournament using Tai Chi.

The study of Tai Chi has been the single most impactful endeavor in my life. From a clumsy teenager I quickly became competent and skillful in most all undertakings (physical, creative, problem solving…), and a competitive leader in sports. I reserve the term ‘Master’ for the highest level of skill, and by no means am I a master of Tai Chi. I had the blessing to work in depth with a Tai Chi master, and am excited to share what I gained from that experience and 26 years of practice.

Thank you for this time, your attention, and for sharing this invitation. Looking forward to seeing you July 16. Again, please RSVP.

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