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As a San Diego native, Derek French grew up seeing the need for greater support in the Veteran community. Working with Veterans in the acupuncture clinic we see very positive differences made in the lives of these men and women. The soldier’s commitment to serve makes each individual case a unique story of sacrifice, consequence, and honor. So many of these brave men and women fall through the cracks and live with chronic pain, mental/emotional trauma, and end up fending for themselves because they don’t qualify for care, or don’t know what options they have. Often the Veteran truly needs help seeking out the care they need.

The Veteran’s Choice and PC3 programs connect Veteran’s with community acupuncture and alternative care providers when the VA cannot provide services in a timely period or within a certain distance. Beginning in 2019 the VA will begin rolling out the national ‘Whole Health Initiative’, which will offer Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Yoga, Art and Music Therapies as the ‘first line of care’ to address the health and well-being of our Veterans. Our organization has been involved in the work to see this initiative become reality. If you are a Veteran, or know a Veteran in need, please reach out to our office for guidance as to securing an authorization for care from the VA. Typically a Veteran’s Primary Care Physician at the VA can write a referral for acupuncture. The Veteran can choose from the list of Choice or PC3 program providers.

Currently Tri-Care does not offer Acupuncture for Active Duty. As an organization, we are involved in the work to see this change. Until then, we try to accommodate Active Service members with discounted services. Please inquire.