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Meet Our Happy Clients

Do yourself a favor and go see Derek. He is incredibly gifted in his craft, with a calm and attentive nature. He has done tremendous work on a chronic shoulder issue I've had for years and I leave every time feeling more peaceful, in addition to enjoying a more properly functioning body. I've had a few miscellaneous issues in addition to my shoulder and Derek has effortlessly been able to address all of them. I've seen other acupuncturists before and I have to say, there is something simply better about Derek. So grateful to have found him and to be benefiting from his work!

Meaghan D.

I have been seeing Derek for acupuncture for almost one year now. I suffer from Endometriosis. I have gone through hell and back with other doctors. Since I have started with Derek and the herbs, my symptoms have MASSIVELY improved. I saw results immediately, and haven't felt this good in years. He really knows his stuff. Thank you Derek!

Jessica G.

Mr. French came into my coffee shop one day and noticed my shoulder was giving me problems. He then told me he can help and what he does, i'm not going to lie i was scared of being poked. few weeks pass by and no relief.. so i decide to give him a call and stop by... (most peaceful office Ive ever been in) he asked exactly where it hurt and what movements bothered it the most. started with a relaxing message finished with some acupuncture and what stretches i should be doing and its been improving ever since. I FEEL GREAT

Dimitri H.

Derek has a gentle yet powerful touch! Before having Derek's treatments I was completely uncomfortable with anyone sticking a needle anywhere on my body. However conventional western pill popping methods were not really working for me especially when I was stricken with morning sickness after becoming pregnant. It was just after 1 treatment that it went away! It was like magic! After giving birth I continued treatments and I took herbs to help my recovery that greatly boosted my energy so I could go back to work. Since then I have had a number of things like plantar fasciitis emerge that without his treatments would have taken much longer to heal! Because of him I am now a believer in Acupuncture!

Amber D.