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Tai Chi is commonly known as an exercise promoting calm, relaxation, and healthful support of the body, and though this is true, this is but a narrow representation of what Tai Chi is.

Tai Chi is a powerful martial art; originally a form of Chinese boxing. But more than martial arts and self-defense, taichi offers the potential of true mastery in physical/mental/emotional and spiritual capacities. It is a trained system of effortless and effective movement that, when taught in it’s original intended, undiluted form, will increase physical, coordinative and competitve skill, as well as increase awareness and articulation in mental/emotional domains to bring clarity, focus, breadthe in perspective and power to one’s entire life-experience. It is an art-of-life that connects the practitioner to a larger experience of wholeness. It is a martial art, and more- a practice to improve skill in athletics, coordination and balance, focus, awareness and calm. Taichi is for everyone.

Our Taichi program delivers the full range of benefits in study of Taichi, with more emphasis on the development of physical skill, coordination, and awareness than martial arts.

Chi Gung

Chi Gung translates from Chinese to mean ‘energy work’, and is a discipline wherein the practitioner moves, cultivates and stores the life-force ‘Chi’ energy of the body along energy pathways and centers recognised by Traditional Chinese Medicine. This produces the effects of healing, increased awareness, vitality and longevity.

Tai Chi and Chi Gung share the same philosophical basis, and understanding of the body-energy system as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The practices of Tai Chi and Chi Gung begin with learning the choreographed set of movements. This is the vehicle for learning and transforming our experience of movement, function, feeling awareness and relaxation. Classes follow this model- learn the moves, and study the principles as we go.

How is Tai Chi a martial art?

Consider this- How is it that apes possess so much more strength per unit of muscle? How can an ant carry 100 times its body weight? A tiger leap from a standstill multiple body lengths? How are some animals so acute in their sense capacities- sight, smell, hearing and touch? The answer is in Tai Chi.

Humans can access the same kind of power naturally by virtue of the intrinsic design of the body, and learning to move, respond, and act with integrity in an experience of wholeness. Learning to profoundly relax and connect with the ground through the body’s alignment delivers tremendous striking power. Through this connection we access tremendous, effortless, natural power that is not dependent on physical strength or size. In study of ‘moving from the center’ we gain more quickness, more purposeful and coordinated effect in our actions. In openness and study of ‘other’ we discover more capacity in the senses, greater intimacy and directness in our relating. These are some of the basic tenets of what are known as ‘internal martial arts’.

We assume to be limited in so many capacities. Through our overly mental relationship to the world, humans have become abstracted from the body, from our surroundings, and in relationship. Taichi is the practice that directly trains the reclaiming of our power in the body, and more clear, direct experience of what’s occurring in the world around us.

Tai Chi has all the wonderful healing attributes that it is more known for. In practice, we use the attention, feeling and relaxation to open the body to more complete three dimensional awareness. This, and the specific design of the whole-body movements, courses our natural and intrinsic healing energy (Chi or Qi) through the energy channels and centers recognized by Traditional Chinese Medicine. The practice promotes health and immune defense, greater vitality, effortless and effective movement and function, and is a path to ever increasing skill, and feeling and intuitive awareness.

Weekly Class Schedule –

Tai Chi

Monday — 9:30am beginning 7/16/18
Location — Outdoors in Balboa Park, 6th Ave. at Hawthorne

Rates- $40/month, $12 drop-in

***free of charge for Veterans, immediate family, and advocates.

Chi Gung – Coming Soon

(Location)  Monday —


***free of charge for Veterans, immediate family and advocates.