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Centrally located in Mission Valley . Second location in East County location coming soon.

Acupuncture treatments are packaged by unit of time, and include whatever modality of care is most appropriate to serve the patient’s best outcome.

We arrived at our unique combinative approach after observing a significant difference in achieved patient results.

Acupuncture, cupping, guasha, moxabustion, massage, topical liniments, acu-taping, and heat therapy may be included at the same flat rate.



Very fine needles are strategically placed at traditional acupuncture points, or modern muscle trigger points, to effect intentional changes in the body. Stimulating healing responses, organ function, releasing muscle tension, dispersing heat or reducing inflamation using the ancient empirical wisdom of Oriental Medicine and the intrinsic healing capacity of the body.


Vacuum suction applied at the skin’s surface causes healing recirculation of static blood, fluids and oxygen in pained, stiff areas.  This promotes the natural healing processes in the body and is particularly useful in cases of chronic pain stubborn to other treatments.


Kinesio tape applied along acupuncture channels can have many beneficial actions, and is very effective to provide continual release of muscle tension for pain, and conditions of aggravated inflamation such as tendonitis.


Moxa (aged mugwort) is an herb with special properties to deliver heat deep into the body, promote circulation and reduce inflamation.  It is an essential component in treatment of conditions where cold is a factor.  It is applied by burning over the skin at acupuncture points or to warm larger regions.  It is very beneficial in treatment of joint pain and arthritis, infertility, digestive complaints, to list just a few.


An electrical charge applied to acupuncture needles delivers stimulation to produce effects such as reducing inflamation, releasing musclular tension, or bringing activity and stimulation to muscles, or to targeted areas known to influence bodily/organ function as part of a treatment plan.


A manual therapy technique also known as ‘scraping’ where a tool such as a dull edge or a scoop is repetitiously run over the skin along muscle fibers to literally ‘comb out’ the fascia and muscle fiber and help it return to a state of health. Guasha is provides lasting pain relief, and is highly effective to break up adhesions and scar tissue.

Infrared Heat Therapy

Deep penetrating infrared heat provides relief to sore muscles, promotes healing for chronic injuries, and delivers needed heat for conditions caused or aggravated by cold such as certain digestive or fertility complaints.

Therapeutic Massage

Hands-on techniques can sometimes be the most effective for isolating and treating pain and dysfunction in the body. A skilled therapist can feel the quality of the tissue and apply the kind of touch, movement and preasure required to bring about the desired change.

Ear Acupuncture

A more modern acupuncture treatment modeled after traditional styles where one part of the body is used to treat another using the concept of ‘humunculous’. Ear acupuncture can be effective supplementally or as a stand alone treatment for the whole gamut of complaints, and is perhaps most commonly known for its use treating addiction and PTSD.

Custom Herbal Prescriptions

Acupuncture Sessions

  • 75 minute Acupuncture Treatment- $95
  • 90 minute acupuncture treatment- $110
  • Discounted packages available. Please inquire.

Therapeutic focused masage treatments

  • 45 minute massge $95
  • 60 minute massage $125
  • 90 minute massage $175

Herbal Consultations

  • 30 minutes – $50 (Herbal preparations charged separately)

We accept many health insurance plans. Our office staff will verify your benefits for you, and we may be able to serve you even if you don’t specifically have acupuncture benefits.  Please inquire.